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John W. Durst 716 Craft Club


The purpose of the Craft Apron is to reward Brothers for the Attendance and Participation in the Lodge. All active members of John W. Durst are eligible to receive a Craft Apron. The only exception is Lodge Officers! All Past Masters, not in the position of Lodge Officer are eligible to recieve a Craft Apron.


Awards shall be presented, as they are accrued. The awards shall be presented in open lodge. Points will be tallied from the month of September and ending with the last stated meeting when Lodge goes dark. Any points acrued while the Lodge is dark, will be awarded during that next stated meeting. There shall be an annual John W. Durst Lodge Craft Club Dinner, the date of which to be announced by the Worshipful Master and the Craft Club Captain.


Officers of the Lodge are:

Worshipful Master, Senior Warden, Junior Warden, Secretary, Treasurer, Senior Deacon, Junior Deacon, Senior Steward, Junior Steward, Tyler, Lodge Education Officer and Chaplain.


Earning Craft Club Points


JWD716 Activities

10---Attendance at stated meetings (no degree work)

15---Attendance at meeting conferring an EA,FC,MM degree

20---Performing parts 1-6, 10-12, ships captain or wayfaring man during a MM degree

25---Perforning parts 7, 8, 9 or a Ruffian during a MM degree


Lectures and Charges

300-for learning a Degree lecture - approved by the Lodge Officers

350-for presenting a lecture while confering a Degree

75---for learning a Degree charge - approved by the Lodge Officers

150-for presenting a Charge when confering a Degree


Craft Club

15---for attendance at a JWD craft rehearsal

15---for attendance at a JWD craft club meeting

50---for serving as a Craft Club Officer for one year

5-----for bring a visitor to JWD lodge

20---for providing rides to non-driving members to any Masonic function

100-for submitting a petition to JWD - when petitioner receives the MM Degree

20---for participating as a member of the Investigation Committee


Awards will be accrued as follows: Points are listed as a total


  1. ​the Craft Apron with the All Seeing Eye        300pts

  2. One Star will be added to the Apron             350pts

  3. One Star will be added to the Apron             400pts

  4. One Star will be added to the Apron             450pts

  5. One Star will be added to the Apron             500pts

  6. One Star Will be Added to the Apron            550pts

  7. 1st Pillar will be added to the Apron             650pts

  8. 2nd Pillar will be added to the Apron            750pts

  9. One BeeHive will be added to the Apron      950pts 

  10. One Bee will be added to the Apron              1150pts

  11. One Square will be added to the Apron        1350pts

  12. One Compass will be added to the Apron    1550pts


The Craft 2500 point Apron will be awarded when a total of 2500 pts have been acumulated. The Apron will be presented at the annual awards banquet.


If you have any questions or comments see the Craft President WB Don Rushlow.